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Pinky, originally uploaded by tamihania.

Nice macro taken in Sandvika, Norway. On the way from KolsÃ¥s – hm – toppen… I did not manage to the top though…


Nice day :)

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…so – I am glad to share with you the very nice (to me) news:

I became officially a part of Fluxbuntu Documentation Team
I hope to contribute a bit to the Fluxbuntu Wiki… And – no – I am not a kind of “fan-boy” LOL

In fact I “play” with more than one distro (for now – Fluxbuntu and Zenwalk)

And – I just want to help the projects, which, I believe, can change a bit the future of f.i. my son…

Have as nice day as me,

tami 🙂

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New "serious” tami’s blog…LOL

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I was experimenting a bit lately and installed new distro’es – OK, let’s say “nearly new” 😉

1. First is Fluxbuntu – as Linux fans already know it it is a derivative of Ubuntu. BUT – as I found out – MUCH QUICKER, LIGHTER and – much easier to install than the “big U/K/Xubuntu brothers and sisters”. It was the first Ubuntu I managed to install with graphical installer…Taking into account that Fluxbuntu is under heavy development and the version installed by me is pre-released one I think it will be a GREAT DISTRO!

2. Second one is the newest Zenwalk 4.0 – and what can I say? I tried Zenwalk few times in the past – beginning from version 2.8 – this time the distro seems to work even FASTER! The nicest thing here is that EVERYTHING is working out of the box – at least for the kind of user like me – rather average one ;). What I also like a lot about especially this version of Zenwalk is THE LOOK and FEEL of it – fantastic graphic work. What’s more – the look does not affect the efficiency – computer is running as smooth with and without “special” effects 🙂 (built-in composite in XFCE and Fluxbox) and – as the fan of Fluxbox – I immediately installed it – nice thing here is that Fluxbox is the newest, pre-released version – much better than the older one 😉

Shortly speaking from now on my distro’es of choice are Zenwalk and Fluxbox – both installed side by side on the separate partitions of my desktop and laptop. And – NO! – I am not a geek…LOL…not at all! I am very average computer user “playing” with Linux distro’es for a 1/2 year now – you see – it’s possible! Thanks to the developers of such Linux distro’es as Fluxbox and Zenwalk 🙂

So – back to the subject of the entry – I decided today to “create” another blog – this time devoted fully to “tami’s adventures in Linux Land” in other words – to small howto’es and tips for persons as me – not very “tech-savvy” but wanting their computers to work without the glitch to be able to use them!

Link: tami’s adventures in Linux Land 😉

Many kind and friendly greetings to all from,


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Reflexion on the last October day…

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…so – it was long time ago I have written anything here…or posted some pictures.

I guess I am going through changes – as probably usually in the beginning of an Autumn… And Autumn is beautiful this year… It was a lot of sunshine here. Have you noticed how pretty it looks when sunrays play “hide & seek” with the rain drops…?

It has happened a lot since I’ve written last time – many good news… Some sad ones…

Today I would like to share the sad one. One of my old friends has died last week. She emigrated for long time ago to Switzerland. I lost the touch with her… But she was one of those important persons in your life who influence you and leave only good memories. She was the most optimistic child I met being the child myself… Despite all and against all odds – she was always in a good mood… We were having an exteremly good time together – mostly making stories and living in our imagination… She had fantastic imagination…

Ania has emigrated more than 20 yeras ago. Having not enough money she did not visited her parents often… I only heard so called “news” about her – that she has child…another one…that her life is difficult…because her first kid has Down syndrome… that she does not get enough help from her partner… that she tries to study while working… I think she fought a lot… with the destiny… perhaps – too much… I think she was hearted… too much… and – could not cope with that… could not FORGIVE… Is it always possible to forgive…?

Ania – Zyzio died on cancer. She suffered a lot. Good-bye Aniu… I hope that you will forgive me for I think I disappointed you… I made some picture for you – I know that it’s too late…

signs of Luck (good I hope…)

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…funny pictures to share – perhaps they will bring you the good luck?… 😉

…a bit of Autumn Light…

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hmmm – to be honest – I did not try Fluxbuntu yet…BUT – I did the fresh server install (installed distroUbuntu Edgy Eft – without desktop!) and installed Fluxbox on it + only those applications I need and like….For those interested in the setup:

-Flock – web browser

Checkgmail – instead of e-mail client

PCmanfm + Xarchiver – to browse files

-Open Office – for work…

Orage – to manage the time…

-Gimp – because I like it a lot (instead of games) 😉

gThumb – brilliant photo viewer and organizer

-Nice collection of terminals: aterm, Eterm, urxvt

gFtp – to upload some pictures…and download… 🙂

VLC – to watch films

streamtuner + BMP – listening to the music – mostly Internet radio

Gaim+Skype – to communicate with my family and friends

zim+tomboy+freemind – to write and learn to my heart content 😉 🙂

…and that’s it… I like it!

…and it looks quite pretty, too:

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